Robert Kyle

Blue Winds

Upside Out Records 7 6255 80104 2 8

Robert Kyle, saxophones; Llew Matthews, piano; Tomas Gargano, bass; Jason Harnell, drums; Riner Scivally, guitar; Dale Splading, harmonica

You need to get past the first funky-dunky track to really get the goods on this CD. You also need to forget any notions of purist, jazz, because these guys are into having fun and wailin, and rockin, and, well, helping the listener to admit that a little light relief, and foot-tapping that occurs all on its own, is really OK. This record is irresistible, you just enjoy. One thing is for sure, you will not find yourself nodding knowingly, you,ll be too busy bopping. Highly recommended for letting your hair down, and admitting that you just want to be happy.

by Lawrence Brazier

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