Urban Knights

Urban Knights IV

Narada Jazz Advance CD 70876-15321-2-8

Ramsey Lewis - acoustic piano, Frayne Lewis - Producer, Kevin Randolph - acoustic piano and keyboard, Calvin Rodgers - drums, Sharay Reed - bass, Danny Leake - engineer, Lambert Waldrip - drums and keyboard programming; Featuring - Norman Brown - guitar, Steve Cole, saxophone, Ron Haynes - trumpet, B1 - vocals, Opan1 - vocals. Keith Henderson - guitar, Alejo Poveda - percussion, Junell Davis - background vocals, Parl Mitchell - background vocals, Emoni Wilkins - background vocals, Denise Rutledge - background vocals, Richard Sledge - background vocal and Brian Sledge - background vocals. Produced by Frayne T. Lewis. Exeuctive Producer - Ramsey Lewis.

When I review a CD, I just take it out of the case and drop it in the player. I don't look at the players involved, as I do not want to be influenced in any manner. I usually listen to it straight through a couple of times and sometimes even three times to get the full gist of the sound. Well, needless to say on this one, my head was a bopping, my foot was a tapping and I was in the grove zone. This album was more "traditional Jazz" than "smooth" Jazz. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore so I picked up the cover, saw who was at the piano. No wonder. Ramsey Lewis. What can I say? Quick, rhythmic Jazz tones throughout the album. "Latin Flavor" gives us that Latin beat that makes you want to move. "Pretty" mellows you out with that smooth Jazz atmosphere you expect.

By Madelyn Johnson

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