Letters to the Editors


Your review of our CD We has to be one of the quirkiest reviews of the CD that I've read, nonetheless, it is still quite favorable and Wycliffe and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your disdain for religion is noted, but you need to understand that where we're coming from has nothing to do with religion. Our foundation is rooted in FAITH and the belief that the Lord has blessed us beyond measure to bless others with our gifts. It's wonderful that you have duly noted that what Wycliffe and I have done is to pay tribute to the Lord, but in a broader sense, we have paid tribute to each other, showing our deep respect and love for each other's contributions to Jazz music.

Wycliffe and I are indeed enviably close, but we believe in inviting the world into our art. Thanks for your high recommendation.

God Bless,

Eric Reed

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