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Audio Mobile AMP 001

Marcin Bors, guitar; Artur Dominik, drums, percussion; Robert Szydio, bass; Adam Pieronczyk, sax, zoucra; Artur Majewski, trumpet; Venetta Nenova Boghanowa, voice

Chromosomos is a Polish ensemble with varied influences, from Balkan and Near Eastern folk music, klezmer, eastern European new music, post-rock, and the funk Jazz fusion of M-Base. Throw in a dash of electric Ornette Coleman, and you start to get the idea. Quite heavy on the virtuoso guitar solo, this project avoids slipping into the quagmire of Jazz-rock fusion by virtue of its intelligent compositions and folk influences. If you enjoy the more rock tinged recordings of Knitting factory Records you should give this a listen. It is also very well recorded.

by Eric Lewis

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