Erika Paul

Out In Front


Erika Paul, vocals, Yamaha CF6-9', grand piano; Niall McGuinness, flute; Bill Hecht, Yamaha CF6-9', grand piano; Ed Corey, guitar, arrangements; Joe Dolister, bass; Tony Savage, drums; Lawrence Connell, saxophone; Paul Binnings, bass

There's that Bacharach bloke again to kick off this album. News seeps in from all over that the man's music is enjoying a revival. And why not? Ms Paul shows her rhythmic sense on "The Look of Love". The lady has a keen sense of inflection and a "tone" to her voice, which she is able to occasionally stretch. What is most evident is her obvious musicality. OK, not Ella or Sassy, but still something of a musician's singer. This means that she grooves on the rhythm section, she nuances in a very hip way and, well, she makes you feel like popping your fingers. What more could you ask? She then shows you what more with "Guess Who I Saw Today My Dear"; is there anyone among us who has not loved this song for decades? Beautifully delivered with the guys in the band doing their part. "Body and Soul" is offered as a light-hearted bit of fluff and there is almost a giggle when she sings ".my life a wreck you're making." Guitarist Ed Corey adds a solid solo and we come to the conclusion that this is a musical exercise rather than a story told. The whole thing comes together on "Summertime" and there is a great live atmosphere. The band get off on this one and the lady really works with them very well. This is a terrific track, with Corey and Joe Dolister taking the honors. Nice CD. Good for a hip hour with someone you like.

by Lawrence Brazier

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