Erika Paul

Expressions of Love


Erika Paul, vocals, Yamaha CF6-9 Grand Piano, guiro, arrangements; Niall Guinness, saxophone, flute; Mark Curry, trumpet and mutes; Ed Corey, guitar and arrangements, Bill Hecht, Yamaha CF6 9, Grand Piano, arrangements; Joe Dolister, Paul Binnings, bass; Tony Savage, Caleb Dolister, drums; Lawrence Connell, Brian Landrus, saxophone; Tony Cataldo, trumpet

We are impressed by the lady's ability to sing "with the band." She blends so well. The swing is maintained (hear Steam Roller Allie), although the material is handled more or less in a straight manner. But she is in there. Being part of the band. The voice is nice. Not startling, but perfectly subject to what is going on. And there is plenty of Jazz content here, the material allowing the musicians to stretch a little and find a groove. The arrangements are probably as much responsible for the overall good feeling as much as anything else. Ms Paul is enchantingly sweet on "That's All. The French lyrics add charm to "La Mer" (what became of Bobby Darin, by the way?). The lady seems to mean it when singing "My Foolish Heart" in fact, sincerity seems to be the best words to describe the lady's singing on all accounts. Nice record. Play it in the early evening when getting ready for a date. It will help!

byLawrence Brazier

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