Hot Club de Norvége

Parisian Honeymoon

Refined Records 1004

Jon Larsen, guitar; Per Frydenlund, guitar; Svein Aarbostad, bass; Finn Hauge, harmonica; Jimmy Rosenberg, guitar; Babik Reinhardt, guitar; Angelo Debarre, guitar; Romane, guitar; Aulf Wakenius, guitar; Ivar Brodahl, violin; Florin Nicolescu, violin; Faifie Reinhardt, guitar; Sammy Weiss, guitar

A well-executed effort in exact immitation of Parisian music peur les amoureux will transport your back to the sweetness of Truffaut (but without the irony). Jon Larson leading the expedition, we run into fellow historical veterans Babik Reinhardt (the masterís own son!) and Faife Reinhardt as well.

Playing along a well-trodden path, the album seems to progress according to formula, and is most appropriate when taken on a honeymoon vacation or a candle-lit evening. The musicians are all top-notch, and certainly fall into the right mode, appropriate to the stylings of a Parisian honeymoon. They know the music they're playing, and itís hard to believe it's anything but 1930's Paris. With fast and rhythmic guitar jams sidled next to lyrical tearfull ballads, the albums is full of everything you'd want.

Vive la France! Vive la Liberté!

by Stefan Zeniuk

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