Monica Salmaso


Blue jackel/lightyear 54513-2

Monica Salmaso, vocals; Nana Vasconcelos, percussion, vocals, caixa; Paulo Bellinati, percussion, arranger, viola, cavaquinho; Teco Cardoso, soprano sax; Bugge Wesseltoft, piano, keyboards; Jose Eduardo Nazario, drums; Mario Gill, viola; Rodolfo Stroeter, bass, baixo; Lelo Nazario, arranger, keyboards; Toninho Ferragutti, accordian, arranger; Zezinho Pitoco, percussion, caixa.

If you were to be woken in the morning by this CD you might well consider that you had died and gone to heaven, and what you were hearing was the voice of an angel. You might wonder what you were doing in Brazil; but that is a small matter. If we can safely assume there are no electronic gadgets in heaven, this CD will please you further.

There is not one word of English in the liner notes, but Monica's singing speaks for itself. Silky, liquid, warm, disturbing (though this will only concern you if you are alive). She never raises her voice, her style is almost prayerful. With backing instruments offering an evocative and flowing accompaniment, she presents her songs with grace and style. "Tajapanema" has the most beautiful singing accompanied by a delicate acoustic guitar that will make your spine tingle. An outstanding track. The CD closes with the wistful "Trampolin", voice and piano at there best.

By the way, there is not a trace of Jazz in this CD; but buy it anyway.

Ferdinand Maylin

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