unsung songs

TUN Records, UTR4129

Marius Peyer, drums, percussion; Christian Weber, bass; Flo Stoffner, guitar

A well recorded session featuring a diverse selection of standards, from Gershwin's "The Man I Love," through Berlin's "White Christmas" (!), Roger and Hammerstein's "We Kiss in the Shadows" to more modern tunes such as Albert Ayler's "Ghosts," Monk's "Bye-ya," and Prince's "Sometimes it snows in April." The rhythm sections plays sympathetically and intelligently behind Stoffner's solos which bear the marks of both Metheny and Abercrombie. On the more adventurous tracks such as "Ghosts," Stoffner displays more of his own sound, although the influence of guitarists such as David Torn can be heard. Somewhat well mannered, yet the high level of the playing keeps ones interest.

by Eric Lewis

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