Robin Nolan Trio

Mediterranean Blues

Refined Records 1003

Robin Nolan, guitar; Paul Meader, bass; Kevin Nolan, rhythm guitar; Jan P. Brouwer, rhythm guitar; Nema Lopes, percussion; Arjan Singh, tabla; Carles Romo, palmas

A band that formed nearly ten years ago as a street-busking Django-Reinhardt styled trio has blossomed into a very fine ensemble whose first major release comes only after touring the major jazz festivals for several years.

Robin Nolan has a beautiful lead sound on his acoustic guitar. He has taken the spirit of the Django Reinhardt legacy and pushed it toward a much more modern interpretation, without losing the purity of his original influence.

The band is tight and its members are responsive to one another and able to make each song distinct from the rest. Whether itís the use of a rhythmic clapping on "Mediterranean Blues," Indian tablas on "Friar Park," the samba feel on "And Then There Were Three," or the funky blues of "Trouble in Paradise," Nolan never loses track of the clarity of line within his rhythmic strumming.

For those fans of the Django sound, this band is bound to make a strong

impression because of the way they have been able to bring that sound forward in time and context and yet to keep it fresh and vibrant.

by Stefan Zeniuk

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