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Sarah Scott, vocals, lyrics; Jonathan Kochmer, composition, lyrics, electric guitar, synth guitar, acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, bass; Matt Chamberlain, drums and percussion; Dave Palmer, keyboards; Eric Rosse, piano, Hammond organ; Trey Gunn, warr guitar; Eyvind Kang, violin, viola, Cameron Stone, cello; Jeff Greinke, synthesizer; Skerik, saxophone; Sanjay, electric guitar; Amy Denio, accordion; Paul Bushnell, bass; Brad Houser, bass; Shahzad Ismally, bass; Reuben Radding, upright bass; Keith Lowe, bass; Mell Dettmer, effects; Mike Dillon, vibes, udu, shaker, congas, percussion; Chris Stromgquist, percussion; Tom Armstrong, percussion.

Sarah Scott places her own vocals over an often complex and full backing group, using both acoustic and electronic instrumentation; though this is not Jazz. The style of the tracks do not vary a great deal; Sarah sings with a good deal of emotion and feeling, sometimes against a too busy background. There is plenty of inventive playing from the instrumentalists, though Sarah carries the melodic line throughout; a little interchange here might have been helpful. There are some excellent atmospheric sections and a strong feeling of self expression, but all the tracks do have a similarity about them. I must confess to not understanding all the lyrics; though in earnest consultation with my fifteen year old daughter I was told that this was not the point. She liked it a lot. The coda, reprising the track "Emily" suggests the slightly somber meter which pervades this CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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