Ehinger, Lindemann, Pitteloud-


Unit Records, Switzerland

Since I still have my old Emerson, Lake & Palmer albums (should I have admitted that?  Maybe not) I was intrigued at this band's borrowing of the name, in however oblique a manner.  Francois Lindemann wields a hot Fender Rhodes and his e-piano has a ring modulator on which he acquits himself well in a manner akinto Keith Jarrett in his stint with Miles Davis in the early 1970s. Simply delicious! Philippe Ehinger's clarinets and bass clarinets add some 20th-century chamber-music spice ("Le Bleu" has him blowing highly structured loops against Lindemann's acoustic piano), and Raphael Pitteloud is a wizard of the cymbalsand the hand percussion a la Trilok Gurtu.  There's very little free playing: this trio seem more interested in welding the articulate funk of Weather Report's I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC  to the articulate French absurdists such as Etron Fou Leloublan or Volapuk.  The CD is especially a treat on headphones because Pitteloud's percussion kit sits astride the stereo mix.  When I say he's 'all over the place' (as in the rhythmc "Technolite" ) I mean it in two separate ways! "Gama"'sslyly humorous bass clarinet parts have a Charlie Chaplin agility, and "Le jaune"is a lovely trance ballad.  These folks have it together: a tasty mix you would not expect.  Quiet fireworks, unlike the band that used the name first.

by Ken Egbert 

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