Jay Thomas

Blues for JW

MCVCD 8240

Jay Thomas, trumpet, flugelhorn, tenor sax; Bob Nixon, piano; Chuck Kistler, bass; Matt Jorgensen, drums.

Multi-instrumentalist Jay Thomas starts out on tenor saxophone with his own piece, "Blues for JW"; he has a light, airy sound and an easy relaxed feel to his playing. "Sometime Ago", a Jazz waltz by Sergio Mihanovich brings out a fine feely solo from pianist Bob Nixon; Thomas, switching to trumpet, is always right on the money, placing his notes melodically in exactly the right place to intrigue and delight. He breathes soothingly into the tenor with Ellington's slow piece, "Low Key Lightly". Through "Why Don't You?", "On The Brink", a fast moving samba, "You Know I Care", a sentimental ballad, "Alone Together" and "A Lady's Vanity", another slow ballad, Thomas switches instruments constantly. "The CD went down easy," says Thomas, "just a Jazz gig at a Jazz club with a nice piano." Jay Thomas is a consummate professional, his improvisations are perfectly placed on this varied CD, with excellent backing and a special mention for the sensitive piano playing of Bob Nixon, this makes for good listening.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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