Kenny Burrell

blue muse

Concord Records CCD-2191-2

Mark 1; My Friend Ray; On Wings Of The Spirit; Then I Met You;

It's No Time To Be Blue; Blue In Green; Blue Muse; Solitude; 3/4 Of The House; 'Round Midnight; Habiba; Blue Guitar Blues . (Total Time 67.16)

Kenny Burrell, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals; Tom Ranier , piano, keyboards; Gerald Wiggins, piano; Herman Riley, saxophone, flute; Roberto Miranda ,bass; Sherman Ferguson, dums

Concord Records CCD 2191-2

Kenny Burrell is unquestionably a star Jazz guitarist with over fifty years playing experience at the forefront of the scene. This new recording is welcome, not only because of his supreme guitar improvisation, but also for the variety of sounds and moods he brings to it.

Of special note are Kenny's vocals on four tracks, which, because of his rich tones, are more than just alternative sounds.

The backing group features the talents of Tom Ranier and herman Riley, both of whom have shown their metier in the more recent past. Veteran Gerry Wiggins appears on two tracks and the entire perfarmance is well supported by Miranda and Ferguson.

Among the plethora of Jazz racordings that appear like scrap paper, this particular CD has at its root the quality of the past which ensures that it will survive amonq collectors of important Jazz performances.

by Al Merritt

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