Wesla Whitfield

September Songs

HCD 7114

Wesla Whitfield, vocals; Mike Greensill, piano; John Wiitala, bass; Vince Lateano, drums; Tommy Flanagan, piano; Peter Washington, bass; Tootie Heath, drums; Gary Foster, reeds, woodwind; David Harrington, violin; John Sherba, violin; Hank Dutt, viola; Jennifer Culp, cello; Michael Moore, bass.

Wesla Whitfield is joined at various stages of this set by the Mike Greensill Trio, the Tommy Flanagan Trio, the Kronos String Quartet and the Gary Foster Horns. Foster is in fact on all of them, on the opening track he is a four part flute ensemble and on "I Wish I Knew" he is four clarinets. Using the music of Wilder, Weill and Warren, these are beautiful interpretations of the Song Book. This is an enchanting set; no pretensions, just good singing and playing, the orchestrations and arrangements are done by pianist Mike Greensill. There exists a delicious melancholy throughout this CD, as Wesla's voice enraptures you with a brooding meditation. Her clarity and straightforward openness makes you trust her, she interprets the tunes in her own way, which is unfailingly compelling, leaving you with a feeling of exquisite pain. There must always be a place on the rack for this sort of CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin


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