Afeni Shakur, Evolution of a Revolutionary

Jasmine Guy

AFENI SHAKUR, Evolution of a Revolutionary

ATRIA Books ISBN: 0-7434-7053-2

2004, by Amaru Entertainment, Inc.

This book is a fun and interesting read. It tells the story of Afeni Shakur as a black panther leader, crack addict, and mother.

Jasmine Guy, the actress, singer and dancer, can also write. She has become good friends with Afeni through her affiliation with son Tupac, and since his death, the friendship has broadened.

Ms. Guy has written this account through conversations with Afeni Shakur over the past few years. It is both sad and funny, giving us insight as to what it might be like to be a poor black southern woman coming to New York City in the sixties. It tells the story of abuse, revolution, drug addiction, and the strong will to overcome all of these intensities in order to heal and forgive for a productive and healthy life.

by Marcie Brown

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