Al "Bone" Wardlow, trombone, piano, vocals; Liao Leo Peng, drums; Mati, all other instruments.

No information on this CD about anything, apart from the names of the three musicians and that it was made in the Republic of China. The first track, "Calle'23", starts with a raw trombone, plenty of multi-tracking, which continues throughout the CD; half way through it steps up into a much smoother gear. "Hack'W and A-Hue'W", sounds as confusing as the title; a strutting trombone, with assorted gurgles, gargles and bubbles, not forgetting the paper comb effect. Mati is 'playing all other instruments', though it might of course be his name. "Unchaw My Heart" is sung by Al Bone, who sounds American, but unlike the title to the track, he sings "Unchain My Heart". "You Don't Know" is another vocal by Al, and both songs are nicely performed. The last two tracks are re-mixes of "Hack'W and A-Hue'W", an even more interesting mix of twangy bits, brass echoes and electronic gurgling. "You Don't Know Me", re-mixed, starts with organ sounds before moving on to the trombone; this track does make an effort towards seriousness, conveying a gentle sigh, and a hint towards sadness. Overall, this is a lighthearted, bouncy trio, experimental and a bit raw at the edges; great fun to listen to, though.

by Ferdinand Maylin

New Sounds - October 2004

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