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barbara paris

swing ballads blues& bossanova

Perea Productions CDBP005

Barbara Paris, vocals; Joe Bonner, Llew Mathews, Ellyn Rucker, piano; Ken Walker, John B. Williams, Dean Ross, bass; Richie Chiaraluce, horns; Mitchell Long, guitar; Mike Whited, Roy McCurdy, drums

Quite a few personnel changes on this CD, due to the fact that it is a compilation of five different recording sessions spanning seven years of work. There is a sense of class about it all through; the three pianists really get involved; Llew Mathews contributes with a playful swagger in "Romance In The Dark" and Barbara is joined by the guitar of Mitchell Long for some Latin class in "Corcovado", a clear, plaintive sound from Barbara makes this a delicious track. On "Gentle Rain", it is the turn of pianist Ellyn Rucker to stretch a tasteful solo, with help from the saxophone of Richie Chiaraluce, there is a great presence in Barbara's voice in this track. "If I Should Lose You" has a strong piano solo from Joe Bonner, Barbara singing with touching vulnerability, as befits the title; she is an intelligent singer, using her strengths in just the right places. There appears to be no gaps or noticeable changes due to the different recording sessions, the whole CD has style and is beautifully sung.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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