Carlos Zialcita


Senor Blues Productions SBP CDR 11001

Carlos Zialcita, harmonica, vocals; Marty Williams, piano, organ; Albert Yamanoha, piano; Eric Swinderman, guitar; Ben Luis, bass, background vocals; Tony coleman, drums, percussion, background vocals; Myrna del Rio, vocal duet, background vocals.

The Horace Silver tune, "Senor Blues," showcases Carlos Zialcita on vocals and chromatic harmonica and beautifully rendered guitar support by Eric Swinderman. "Red Top" is a delightful duet vocal featuring Zialcita and Myrna del Rio on this bebop standard. "Manha de Carnaval" is a recreated version of the tune "A Day In The Life Of A Fool" and features Zialcita on pensive vocals and harmonica and Swinderman's guitar lending sensitive support. The instrumental rendition of "For You" is exquisite with Swinderman's melodic guitar introducing the tune and Marty Williams lending structure on the piano - Zialcita's harmonica playing on this one is graceful and lyrical. Zialcita croons his way through "Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You" with Swinderman supporting with a flowing guitar style. The blues is represented on the tune "Early In The Morning" leading off with background singers and highlighting Zialcita on vocals and harmonica. "Choo Choo Ch'Boogie" presents the background singers delightfully trading off lyrics with Zialcita on this swinging excursion and Marty Williams punching it up on organ. On the blues tune "Key To The Highway" Swinderman creates an imaginative harmonic base on guitar behind Zialcita's sensitive lyrics. The closing track is a tasty medley of "All Blues/Everyday I Have The Blues."

This thirteen track CD is a winning formula with good material and talented musicians.

by Dorothy L. Hill

New Sounds - October 2004

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