Pam Purvis - Fools Rush In

Pam Purvis

Fools Rush In

M Records 003

Pam Purvis, vocals; Gene Favatella, piano; Joe Cohn, guitar; Bob Ackerman, clarinet/alto sax/ alto flute/tenor sax; Bob Hanlon, tenor sax; Ronnie Naspo, bass; Chris Lough, bass; Tom Sayeck, drums

Pam Purvis sounds like a Jazz singer; she has an intuitive feel for what she is doing, and is not afraid to look for something different. She has a fresh start with "And The Angels Sing", a bright up-tempo number. "Days Of Wine And Roses" and "Tangerine" allows her voice to work closely with Bob Ackerman, first on alto flute, then alto sax. "Fools Rush In" has sensitive guitar playing from Joe Cohn, supporting Pam's clear, careful singing. An improvisational conversation between Bon Ackerman on clarinet and the tenor sax of Bob Hanlon opens "Namely You"; in fact there is good input from all the supporting instrumentalists. Pam sounds good on Harold Arlen's "Blues In The Night" and it was a delight to hear Hoagy Carmichael's "In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening". The final track, "Trav'lin' Light", places a subdued ending on the CD. Pam applies a considerable Jazz nuance to her singing, always keeping it interesting; fourteen tracks, and all a great choice.

by Ferdinand Maylin

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New Sounds - October 2004

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