Barcelona in Forty-Eight Hours

Strudelmedia Cd008

Michael Attias, alto/baritone saxophones; Sam Bardfield, violin; John Hebert, bass; Kevin Norton, drums; Edward Ratliff, cornet, trombone, accordion, celeste, Fender Rhodes; and friends Andy Biskin, bass clarinet; Charlie Giordano, accordion; Chris Kelly, programming, guitar, drums; Seido Salifoski, dumbek; Doug Wieselman, guitar

This is music written for a short film that consists almost entirely of black and white still photographs and centers on choreographer, teacher, and dancer David Zambrano. It is mostly the work of Edward Ratliff; he composes and produces nine of the eleven pieces and collaborates with Chris Kelly on the other two.

The first track, "Barcelona" (band version), is a pleasantly shared lead between baritone saxophone and trombone. On the first four tracks Ratliff plays trombone, cornet, Fender Rhodes, celeste, and accordion respectively.

"BCN" is engaging with muted cornet, good rhythm, and electronic coloring; "Glass" gives us a music box on the celeste; "Horsey" is atmospheric, thoughtful, delicate, and impressionable. The set finishes with "Sintuba," excellently upbeat, raw, energetic, and urgent.

This CD is one for the imagination; this is the music of Africa, the jungle, and its smells, and the tracks conjure mental pictures. A worthwhile set that can be played often without dulling the pallet.

by Ferdinand Maylin