Bienert Breinschmid Oesterreicher

A Night In Jazzland

Cipa 3017 2

Gerd Bienert, guitar; Martin Breinschmid, vibraphone; Richard Oesterreicher, harmonica; Herbert Swoboda, piano; Harald Putz, bass; Fredvard Muhlholfer, drums.

A front line of guitar, vibraphone and harmonica backed by piano, bass and drums playing very swinging music in front of a live audience; why do live audiences always sound as though they number about eight people? Martin Breinschmid gets through a power of work walloping his vibraphone; Gerd Bienert lays into a strong guitar and Richard Oesterreicher lilts happily on the harmonica. This is a fast paced set; not until we get to track six "Sophisticated Lady", do we slow down to draw breath and allow the harmonica to play; wellsophisticated. But then it's back on the upbeat with "Undecided" including a good bass solo. The piano of Herbert Swoboda supports magnificently and offers some intelligent solo work; there are fourteen tracks of mostly standards and worthwhile contributions from just about everyone on this CD; which offers a lighter approach than normal and with a fresher feel.

by Ferdinand Maylin