Songs for Children

Soundbrush SR1006

Bingo is a dog. But this CD is also populated by sheep, foxes, mice, and horses. And a very good band that does not play down to children or anyone.

A combination of Brazilian and Caribbean artists collaborated to produce this CD for young folks by taking familiar songs ("Three Blind Mice", "Happy Birthday," "Kumbaya") and some not so well known and presenting them with a Jazz backing and a vocalist to bring a new life to these classics.

As an adult, it's a bit hard to take more than a couple of tunes at one time (Christy Baron's voice is just too nice), but one can tell the band's heart is in the right place. It's pretty hip material for kids.

The booklet that comes with the CD is fully illustrated and contains all the lyrics for sing-alongs. One of my old favorites is in there: "The Fox (went out on a chilly night"). Now I have the words I had forgotten!

This CD will make a great gift or birthday present for kids six to sixty, and it can be shared by everyone, which after all, is one of the real functions of music.

By Michael Handler