Cornelio Tutu Band

Keep Playing

Cornelio Tutu, guitar, vocals; Zoltan Olah, keyboards, piano; Peter Olah, bass guitar; Ferenc Csomos, drums; Istvan "Guszty" Perger, percussion

This young Hungarian guitar player from Budapest makes a pleasant start on what appears to be his debut album. Quick fingers, a deft touch, and clean articulated playing are the impressions given from the first track, "Unlimited."

Cornelio Tutu has a hand in all of the tracks, writing five and collaborating with the other five. There is a great melodic feel to the whole set. The band combine well with an excellent balance, a lightness of touch, and a clear feeling that these are splendid musicians.

Tutu is lucky in having a pianist like Zoltan Olah to provide such enlightened input and a fine rhythm section that quietly hits the mood and gives it that Latin feel that Tutu seems to favor.

"Keep Playing" and the delightful "Meditation" are seminal to his style: tuneful, clearly stated, wishful, and wholesome. The short track "Film Music" has a darker jaunt and might give Tutu food for thought as a good direction to explore; it would be a shame if this fine band were looked on as too nice.

A fine CD and a name that we might hear more of.

By Ferdinand Maylin