Herb Silverstein and Friends

Beach Walker

Silver Tunes Music

Jack Wilkins (fl,ts); Herb Silverstein (p); Larue Nickelson (g); Richard Drexler (b); Joel Spencer/Steve Moretti (d); plus the Lobster String Quartet

"Beach Walker," "Awesome Autumn," "Nip of Time," "Go Fourth," "9.11," "Si Senorita," "While You Were Away," "High-Heeled Lady," "Jack Remembered (the Firefly)," "A French Wedding," "Amund Joy Waltz," "The Bird Returns" (74.13)

The idea of using a string quartet with a modern Jazz quintet is fairly rare, although I have to say that as an experiment it is totally successful in this collection of original tunes by Herb Silverstein.

Herb's sparkling group of Jazz musicians are advanced in their abilities and well able to sit alongside their classical counterparts with ease.

The musical themes are ideal for this project, with "While You Were Away" and "Jack Remembered" both standout tracks. The entire group gives complete enjoyment to some original concepts of our art form.

Jack Wilkins, Herb Silverstein, and Larue Nickelson are the major soloists, with occasional solo input from the impressive Richard Drexler, who also contributed the string quartet arrangements. Both drummers are tastefully adroit and ideal for this outstandingly successful recording.

Do seek out a copy of this CD.

By Al Merritt