Paul Comb's Pocket Big Band

Live at the Chit Chat

Sea Breeze Sb3073

Paul Combs (as,ss,fl); Wayne Mogel (tb); Jim Pastore (t); Bob Caviello (t,fgh); Jim Cameron (bs); Don Hemwall (p); Doug Leaffer (ts); Mark Gehret (b); Paul Marcantonio (d)

"Red Rock," "Brazil," "Take 3," "Summer Song," "Moscow Beat Blues," "No Foolin'," "Thrice As Nice," "Reds," "One for Ken," "Tubarao," "Lady "C" Good" (66.55)

You have to admire the enthusiasm that is necessary when you organize a band like this. The musical arrangements and rehearsals are necessary ingredients along with mature musicianship, some inspired playing, and invention.

The sound of this ensemble brings to mind some of the small band gatherings in the prime of West Coast Jazz in the 1950s.

Although this band is not perfect, it is possible that listeners with less critical ears will find it a total joy. Personally I found the pianist and drummer-who are both classy musicians-to be too busy on this recording.

There are some interesting arrangements and some fine solos from trumpet, tenor, alto, and baritone saxes as well flute and piano.

There are many bands of this nature on the Jazz scene, and they all contribute to the continuance of this art form.

A worthwhile project.

By Al Merritt