Thank you for notifying me of the review of my CD "Reflections" in your Oct. issue! I'm very appreciative of the time and care you put into bringing jazz music to the attention of the public. I know that for people in all aspects of this music, it is a labor of love, and so I thank you.

I would also like to thank Lawrence Brazier for his insightful and articulate description of our music. It's clear that he really heard and connected with what our music is about, and that is just the best reward an artist can have--to feel that we've communicated and been understood. I love his description that we have a "practically telepathic integration" and that "these four people appear to have emerged from the same womb", for that is how it feels to play music in this group. Thank you, Lawrence, for your sensitive ears and your gift for words!

Sincerely yours in music,

Kendra Shank

I want to thank you so much Haybert for both of the reviews. (Making the Rounds October and the CD review of At Last) and it feels so good to finally be acknowledged. They are wonderful reviews and let me say you sure can give a good review. You are great, thank you so much.


Vernelle Anders


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