Art Johnson

Jazz Guitar Solos

DPPR Records 001

Art Johnson, solo guitar

This one will make aspiring guitarists want to die. (Not to mention a Jazz critic whose own means of expression is so inferior.) Art Johnson is Mr Virtuoso. Depending on your taste, you may wish to just sit back with a glass of old Scotch in one hand and allow the magic to take over. Dim the lights and let the rest of the world go away for there are few better reasons for having an inner world than listening to this kind of artistry. Johnson is unhurried, there is not the slightest lack of assurance. The tunes are picked out with tonal loveliness and a great deal of grace. There is no faltering, no lack of direction, only a fine, personal presentation of each piece. The album was produced by Barney Kessel, who knows a thing or two about guitar playing, so recommendation comes from a far higher source than from yours truly. I hope Mr. Johnson gets his rightful appreciation. Hey, the album is over and the Scotch remains untouched. Music lovers, I hope, will buy the CD. Lovely stuff.

by Lawrence Brazier

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