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Peter Ostle, tuba; Gary Johnson, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Rick Parrell, baritone saxophone; Greg Boyer, trombone; Brad Clemens, trumpet; Cliff Brockington, trumpet; Tim Huesgen, snare and bass drum; Myles Overton, snare and bass drum; Rob White, congas; Mark Merella, timbales; Lou Durham, Hammond organ, vocals; Shaun Murphy, vocals, tambourine; Priest Da Nomad, vocal; Vaughn nark, trumpet; Patrick DeSantos, vocal; Gary Sosias, timbales

They kick straight in with three Ellington numbers, just to establish their credentials, and on they go with a merry mix of Jazz and funk and torch songs and, well, a whole lot between. I was not there on the night but the audience are audibly happy on the CD that captures a wild and wooly conglomeration of sound. I imagine everyone sloping around the stage, and maybe nudging each other away from the mic to blow a little. You may at first think they have a nerve to do a number like I Love Lucy, but the bongos person turns in a scintillating solo that lays the ghost of you know who. Everyone gets off on Olu Darat's Bell and Ponce, which is all very hip and funky and has Priest Da Nomad rapping us the message (which we done got, then right off forgot). Still, it had us bopping. The same goes for Papa Was A Rollint Stone, which goes on for eight minutes and we didn't want it to end. This is the kind of stuff that has the woman (one's wife) tossing me one of her when-are-you-going-to-grow-up looks, which means I'm having fun.

Recommended for nutcases.

Lawrence Brazier

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