The Bob Ferrel Quartet

Bon Voyage

BFM Productions C BFM002

Bob Ferrel, trombone; Michael Cochrane, piano; Calvin Hill, bass; Yoron Israel, drums; Vinnie Cutro, trumpet; Frank Elmo, tenor sax, bass clarinet; Ben Williams, trombone; Brian Ferrel, trombone; Augie Rivera, trombone; Phil Jones, bass trombone; Ms Jann Parker, narration

Lets face it, there is something about a trombone sound that tells you that this is an ur-instrument, something of the real essence of Jazz. The long moan, the secared growl and the hang-dog blues feeling given by a trombone played well and with depth is as much about Jazz as anything you will find in the entire world. This all means that Bob Ferrel knows where the essence lies. This is a CD to really dig. Ferrel not only knows, he really blows. This is great music. This is Jazz. One should not forget, however, the chums with him, especially Michael Cochrane who seems to have spent a long time with Ferrel and the rest of the quartet (if I'm wrong, simply put it down to his genius at the piano). Everybody contributes, of course. The guest artists are all well integrated into the output. The two Edison Project tracks recorded on a vintage 1905 phonograph is pretty close to sensational. I was about to tell you that this is a great CD and they are playing Stolen Moments as I write, thank you, thank you, thank you. Really, a great CD.

by Lawrence Brazier

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