Brad Meldau Trio Progression

The Art of the Trio, Vol. 5

Warner Bros. Records Inc. 9 48005-2

Brad Meldau, piano; Larry Grenadier, bass; Jorge Rossy, drums

Well, if you don't like the music on this double CD you probably just hate pianos, piano players, great melody, rich interpretation sprinkled with delightful eccentricity, and you would thus be prepared to forgo any high road of exploration for a couple of wonderful hours of listening pleasure. If all that is true, you are probably beyond saving. (But we're gonna' pray for you, anyway!)

Mr. Meldau has what we understand to be a 'percussive' approach (sometimes). This means attack, swing, groove, and all things essential in respect of our favorite music. The explorative element, however, has the man departing, often on short forays, from a melody and quickly returning, to then take another stab at another degree of the musical compass. This is most agreeable because we mortal listeners are brought safely back to familiar ground at regular intervals and are not left dangling at a great height. It would be pointless to really try to match with mere words this trio's ability to play great music. We figure that Brad Meldau is likely to become an integral part of Jazz history. Buy the record and be a part of it, too!

by Lawrence Brazier

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