George Duke


Warner Bros. 9 47660-2

George Duke - Keyboard, Byron Miller - Bass, Jeff Lee Johnson - Electric Guitar, Leon "Nougu Chancler - Drums and Lenny Castro - Percussion. Also appearing: Everett Harp, Chante Moore, Philip Bailey, Tony Maiden, Paul Jackson, Jr., Byron Miller, Flora Purim, Da,Dra Crawford, Denise Walls, Steve Crawford and Michael "Patches" Stewart.

You know how it is when you start out building or making something that you want to present to others. First you find the best materials, then you coordinated your time and tools. Finally you began and complete your project. When it's finished you look at it or listen to it and say, "That's Good." Well, I must say the same about this CD of George Duke's. First he assembled some of the best in the business, and then he went to work. Now that it is finished, "It is good." George has taken the very best of Jazz, added vocals and a smooth tone and lured you into a romantic place where the only thing missing is dim lights, candles and chocolate covered strawberries. Of course, don't forget your significant other.

By Madelyn Johnson

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