Jeff Berlin

In Harmony's Way

M.A.J. Records, Inc.

Jeff Berlin, bass; Richard Drexler, piano, acoustic bass; Danny Gottlieb, drums,

Guests"Contributors:" Gary Burton, vibes; Dave Liebman, soprano/tenor saxophones; Mike Stern, guitar; Captain Billy Lang, acoustic guitar, electric rhythm guitar; Clare Fischer, keyboard; Steve Shepherd, vocals; Howie Shear, trumpet; Dave Stout, trombone; Doug Webb, tenor saxophone

This is getting silly. My reviews are getting more and more effusive. I mean, there must be a few so-so recordings around, but they just don't seem to stray my way. Check the list of musicians, how could this fail to be a success? A New York-based pianist recently told me that he thought Jazz in "America" was on the decline. This record, and a few similar recently released, could be token a renaissance. I know there are a lot of kids who are really into a funky bass line and an electric guitar solo that takes them considerably further than the average rock guitarist is able. It's all here, plus mighty contributions from some of the established greats of Jazz, catch Gary Burton on track one, Mike Stern on track two, Dave Liebmants solo on track four. Pulsating behind, nay, leading all of this is Jeff Berlin. He has to be one of the best bass players I've heard in ages. Drexler plays terrific piano and Danny Gottlieb is no stranger to praise. A thoroughly enjoyable album. I still can't get over the opening track, absolutely fantastic.

Lawrence Brazier

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