Matt Marvuglio

Why Cry

South Shore Music Productions

Matt Marvuglio, flute; Ed Saindon, vibes; Bary Smith, bass

One of the marks of great musicianship is the ability to defeat the associative notion. Flute, vibes and bass could have you guessing at a gig that would have to be mild or moderate, even (heaven help us) pleasant. Not so with this one. "Why Cry" (the lovely title track) is a CD that flows effortlessly forward with a compulsive swing and a good selection of explorative ballad performances. The men all work well together and there is an obvious professionalism. Smith on bass performs exceedingly well on track 4, Saindon's 18th Child (there has to be a joke there). The Marvuglio composition, Kick the Can, shows a strong melodic line, not easy to come by nowadays, and could easily be given a lyric. The standards all have treatments that are unusual C I'll bet you have never heard Stella By Starlight done with such intricacy, and again it is Smith who gives it a special groove.

Right! This is the kind of CD a musician may wish to bend an ear to. Nobody is overly funky. Nobody riffs like mad. This is music, music and music again.

Highly recommended.

by Lawrence Brazier

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