Rusty Bryant

Rusty Rides Again

High Note records Inc.

Rusty Bryant, tenor saxophone; Gary Carney, trombone; Bobby Floyd, piano; Terry Binns, electric bass; Joe Ong, drums

What a joy to get back to some real cooking Jazz. This is a straight ahead session, a blowin' it session, the kind of session that may have got you started with Jazz way back when. The accent is on swing. Bryant is a burner and so are the rest of the men on this CD. Think about the guys who didnt' turn into John Coltrane, guys like Lockjaw Davis, Arnette Cobb, Buddy Tate. The version here of "Love For Sale" may owe a little to Charlie Parker, but that's no bad thing. There's a lot of real solid stuff to be enjoyed. Highly recommended for those of the incurably thumb-popping persuasion. A great record. A rare treat in this day and age of ultra cool.

by Lawrence Brazier

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