Robbie Kwock, Melecio Magdaluyo

Sixth Sense

Pacific Storm Records

Robbie Kwock, trumpet, flugelhorn; Melecio Magdaluyo, alto/tenor saxes, flute; Jeff Chimenti, piano; Ron Belcher, acoustic bass;
Paul van Wageningen/Alan Hall, drums;
Pete Escovedo, congas, bongo, shekere, tambourine

This is a beautiful CD. It's been on and off my player for two weeks now. After an endless flood of "gentle Jazz" it is a really nice to get back to some serious listening. But what am I saying here? Serious? I mean, like this is solid music. This is the Jazz you hear when you blow into a club somewhere and the set has already started and you are already smiling before you get seated and you just know you have arrived home. The way the rhythm section works together is marvellous, and Chimenti turns in some lovely solos on piano. There is all of this percussion going on and, wonder beyond wonder, it fits. The busy stuff doesn't get in the way of the soloists; moreover, you get the feeling that everything is laid on by the rhythm guys. Reedman Magdaluyo is by turns deeply funky and then lightly swinging, and Kwock on trumpet and flugelhorn is certainly equal to the partnership; they, and Chimenti, turn J. J. Johnson's "Lament" into a celebration of Jazz at its best. I sure hope these guys stay together. Highly, very highly, recommended.

by Lawrence Brazier

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