Soundtrack Sampler

Big Bad Love

Nonesuch Records 79637

This sampler is the soundtrack for a forthcoming movie, "Big Bad Love," which is an adaptation of Mississippi author Larry Brown's short story collection about Vietnam veteran Leon Barlow. The movie was produced by Debra Winger who also stars in the movie along with Paul Le Mat, Rosanna Arquette and Angie Dickinson. Release is set for February 2002 and the Director was Arliss Howard who also plays the lead character, Barlow.

"Railroad Guitar," features a somber guitar solo by Kenny Brown, obviously background material for a scene which one can almost imagine while listening--a lonely figure walking by the railroad tracks on the way to nowhere.

"I Love You," by Asie Payton who died in 1997 was taken from an album he did called "Worried." This tune has an hypnotic beat with Payton's vocals in the background.

"Everything Is Broken," by R. L. Burnside is a jewel-great slide guitar and vocals and a little bit of harmonica. Seventy-four year old Burnside is a hill country blues legend. On this tune, he is raw and earthy with an uptown groove.

"Long Way Home" is a tune created for the movie with Tom Waits on vocals. It is pure Waits with his hoarse rendering of mournful lyrics.

"Spiritual" featuring Tom Verlaine and Kronos Quartet is a sentimental instrumental piece. If the movie is half as good as the tunes on this sampler, it should be a winner.

by Dorothy Hill

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