Gregory Abbott

Eyes, whispers, rhythm, sex...

Musik Intl'. MIR 4-0320

Gregory Abbott, guitar, arranger, keyboards; Steve Skinner, arranger, keyboards; Miguel Rodriguez, guitar; Aida Foreman, vocal arrangement.

Award winning singer Gregory Abbott kicks off engagingly with "8 Days A Week." Singing a grooved ballad, pop style edged with Jazz overtones (now and again). Fifteen songs, all written intelligently by Abbott shows he has the touch (he majored in psychology), though his words lean heavily towards the pop mode - "I wanna talk dirty, the way you like it..." Such salacious frippery is not the Jazz way; but his voice is amazingly flexible, playful, light, urbane and very sexy; he has intelligent green eyes (I am told). Plenty of foot tapping numbers though, with some decent harmonic content in the background vocals. Highlights, "8 Days A Week," "He Said, She Said," "Without You." Electronic music has a funny effect if you listen to it for too long; rather like being locked in a supermarket all night with the fluorescent lighting left on. Gregory has a fan club! Remember the green eyes!

by Ferdinand Maylin

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