Trudy Lynn

Memories of You

Jus Blues Records 2002-089

Trudy Lynn, vocals; Lucky Peterson, lead guitar and B3 organ; Haran Griffin, keyboards; Frankie L. Floyd, bass; Greg C. Mullin, drums; Versai Sain, rhythm guitar; Lynell Boone, Fender Rhone; Russell Gunn, trumpet; Sam Anderson, sax; Little Joe Burton, trombone; Trudy Lynn, Versai Sain and Charlie Brown, background vocals.

Trudy Lynn hails from Houston, Texas and embodies the soul-blues style associated with the area. Although not a well known name except to the real aficionado, Lynn has created a buzz on the festival circuit. This new CD release should secure her position as a leading lady in the blues world.

The opening cut of "C.O.D." is an energetic cover of an Albert King tune. Half of the tunes on the CD are originals composed by Lynn, including the title cut "Memories of You," a beautifully rendered ballad. "Turning The Same Ole Corners," "Helping Hand Blues You," "No Deposit No Return," "Snatching It Back" were all composed by Lynn and are exceptional offerings. "Do Ya" has an upbeat melody and the wonderful guitar solo by Lucky Peterson is just the right touch. The jump-style "Can't Even Get The Blues" is a cover of a tune written by Reba McEntire. "I Know Why" is a bittersweet tune and Lynn's soulful vocals and background singers result in a stirring rendition.

Lynn is a powerful vocalist who can belt the blues with the best of them but on this CD, she is mellow and soulful and it fits well. On a scale of one to ten, I would rate this CD a ten plus.

by Dorothy Hill
Blues Editor

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