Chris Connor

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HighNote HCD 7108 

Chris Connor, vocals; Andy Snitzer, saxophone; Jo Magnarelli, trumpet; David Mathews, piano/arranger; Roger Blanc, guitar; Chip Jackson, bass; Terry Silverlight, drums 

It is intriguing how similar the three Kenton ladies, June Christy, Anita O'Day and Chris Connor were in style, phrasing, intonation ­ the very sound of their voices. The amazing thing is that despite any similarity none of them could have been confused for one of the others. Kenton knew his ladies and he picked the three best band singers of his day to sing for him. Christy was the girl-next-door, O'Day the wild one and Connor the top lady for timing. She has an innate sense of swing and seems to really enjoy grooving with the guys in the band.

There is an intimacy on this date that even suggests a club performance. There is a slight waver that can now be heard as wistfulness in the voice, but Ms Connor still captivates with her caring attention to melody and projection. David Mathews serves well with his arrangements and on-the-button piano support. "I'll Remember April" has been a Jazz standard for so long, but we are always delighted to hear yet another version and on this CD the number is given a fine treatment and Ms Connor rises magnificently to the whole affair. In fact we have the feeling that on this, the last track, she was just getting into her stride. Maybe they should have cut some more.

A Nice addition to any collection

by Lawrence Brazier

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