Kate McGarry

Show Me

PM 2094

Kate McGarry, vocals; Steve Cardenas, guitar; Scott Colley, bass; Karen Hammack, piano; Kenny Wollesen, drums; Bill McHenry, tenor and soprano sax; Mauro Refrosco, percussion; Joe Hinrichs, percussion; Chris Devine, violin; David Kovac, viola; Greg Snedeker, cello.

Kate McGarry's singing brings us a breath of fresh air; she has a personal approach and sometimes a vulnerable quality, as in the title track, "Show Me". Arranging all the songs she exhibits qualities of innovation and freshness; "Gypsy In My Soul" is a superb vocal, and given an interesting pulse. Coming from an Irish family of ten children, McGarry would have had to learn how to be heard from an early age; there is no harshness in her voice though, she is lyrical, with a feeling of ease and control that can soar her into leaps of fancy that are always tuneful and mature. "Moon and Sand", "The Thrill is Gone", are perfectly placed. Singing in Portugese for "Oceano", she embraces the Brazilian rhythm, continuing with the samba "Aqui O". A beautiful sensitive singer and a skilful improviser; the final track, co-written by McGarry with the late Eric Von Essen perhaps gives an indication of what will happen next; a CD of her own songs?

by Ferdinand Maylin

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