Larry Coryell

The Power Trio Live In Chicago

HighNote HCD 7109

Larry Coryell, guitar; Larry Grey, bass; Paul Wertico, drums 

The title is about right. This trio, led by the power man himself, is not exactly reticent. Coryell drives the other two to perform to a standard only to be matched by the utterly competent. Coryell can be blizzard-like as well as lushly romantic; and don't be fooled by the full-flight solos he lays down. Listen hard and you will find a great deal going on beyond what would be mere sound at a cursory hearing.

To my personal shame I seem to have missed Coryell somewhere along the way. This one CD, the very first track, converted me on the spot. Again, there is little point in mentioning the quality of the playing by Grey and Wertico; they simply have to be this good to keep up (and they sure carry their load well). Coryell, of course, leads, pushes and rolls with the other guys, and together they have produced what can only be called one the finest albums of recent times. Moreover, this is a live date, which means there has (hopefully) been no after-the-event messing. They kick of with a finely wrought and utterly swinging "Autumn Leaves". Coryell has "Love Is here To Stay" to himself. "Star Eyes" rises from a long retirement and the guys cook nicely beyond the confines of the rhythm. "Something", of course, is another solo vehicle and Coryell make the number just that little bit more interesting as he picks carefully through it. The nod to Wes Montgomery is appropriately funky and the same (presumably) to Steve Swallow gets pretty close to down home. They finish with everybody's favorite, "Bag's Groove". Coryell's guitar sings (and wails) on this one and Wertico and Grey give some really beautiful, nay, great support. Glad I got my copy of this CD, go get yours.                                                                                                       

by LawrenceBrazier 

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