Adam Rafferty Trio

Three Souls

Consolidated Artists Productions CAP974

Featured Artists: Adam Rafferty, guitar; Danton Boller, bass; Tomas Fujiwara, drums

"One of the most valuable things I have learned is that every musician should strive to find his own voice," states Adam Rafferty. And Rafferty has found his own voice with the release of Three Souls. After cutting his teeth on the standards repertoire, Rafferty has released a disc of his own compositions that show his wide range of artistic styles and influences.

Three Souls starts with "America," a tribute to those fallen during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. "America" is beautiful and mournful, yet show Rafferty's amazing talent as a guitar player and songwriter.

"Object Of Desire" is reminiscent of "Moon River." Slow and thought provoking, "Object Of Desire" features beautiful melancholy guitar playing.

"Blues For Wes And George" is a tribute to Wes Montgomery and George Benson and features references to "Wes Coast Blues" and "On Broadway." This brilliant song is a tip of the hat to two of Rafferty's favorite influences.

"Two Souls" celebrates love and features all three band members cutting loose and intertwining. Excellent drumming by Fujiwara pushes the song to a level different from other songs on the disc. "Two Souls" explores the trio's jamming capabilities.

"Hurricane Bertha" is the trio's tribute to Miles Davis. Featuring a guitar line that is reminiscent to "So What." "Hurricane Bertha" also features Afro Cuban rhythms and Rafferty's meticulous guitar playing.

Three Souls is a highly recommended release to those who prefer Jazz guitar. Adam Rafferty is a stellar guitar player. All three performers brilliantly execute all tracks.

by Dan Kind

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