John Barlow Jarvis

View From A Southern Porch

00001 Barlotone Productions

John Barlow Jarvis, piano; Eddie Bayers, drums; Aubrey Haynie, mandolin; David Hungate, electric and acoustic bass; Bryan Sutton, acoustic and electric guitar; David Jellema, cornet and clarinet; David Davidson, Connie Heard, Donald C. Teal and Carolyn Huebl, violin; Anthony Lamarchina and Felix Wang, cello; Monisa Angel and Kristin Wilkinson, viola; Mike Henderson, National Guitar, harmonica and vocals

John Barlow Jarvis is an acclaimed studio musician and two-time Grammy winning songwriter identified since the 1980's with the Nashville sound and all that implies. His piano work is astoundingly beautiful. On this CD, Jarvis has assembled a stellar group of musicians who blend into one lush setting.

The first two cuts, "Confluence" and "Clock Creek," are easy-listening offerings. On the tune "Firehall Rag" Jarvis demonstrates an uncommon feel for syncopation and Aubrey Haynie is also accompanying on mandolin and fiddle with Bryan Sutton on banjo on this infectious ditty. "A Southern Porch" is a sumptuous arrangement featuring Jarvis on piano and a host of sounds emanating from the stringed instruments. "Up From The Valley" has a flavor of country-western influence, as does the tune "Hardscrabble" which features Haynie again on mandolin and fiddle. Mike Henderson's rendition of the traditional blues tune "Pony Blues" is country blues with a pleasing rough vocal style and masterfully intricate technique on the National Steel Guitar.

This twelve cut CD is a superb product with a predominantly relaxed theme covering Jazz, folk/blues, Dixieland and country encompassed by a contemporary approach.

by Dorothy L. Hill

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