Don Grusin

The Hang

Sovereign Artists 1950-2

Featured Artists: Don Grusin, keyboards; Dave Grusin; keyboards; Nathan East, bass; Lee Ritenour, guitar; Frank Quintero, guitar; Alex Acuna, drums; Harvey Mason, drums; Pete Escovedo, percussion; Ernie Watts; sax; Sadao Watanbe, sax

Talk about an All-Star Line Up! Don Grusin assembled 18 performers for a two-night gig of inspired improvisation in L.A. before a packed house of jazz fans. The spontaneity really comes through on this live disc. The clarity of the recording is phenomenal.

The Hang begins with "Let's Talk About It," a showcase for the performers informing the audience that they are in for an evening of top-notch Jazz performances. Ernie Watts' sax playing, Nathan East's bass playing and Lee Ritenour's guitar playing warms up the audience and leaves expectations high.

"Makossa Beat" features a lively Latin beat. Charlie Bisharat is showcased on violin. "She Could Be Mine" features Don Grusin keyboards with Ernie Watts sax playing in support. "She Could Be Mine" is a standout track that should receive radio play.

"The Chaser" is a Sadao Watanabe composition that features his and Ernie Watts excellent sax contributions. A slight sax-war is evident and Lee Ritenour adds his beautiful jazz guitar to even things out. All performers are featured on "The Chaser" and the audience is appreciative throughout the song.

"She Feels Good" closes the disc. Featuring vocals by all including Grammy winning vocalist Patti Austin, the listener is almost exhausted by the never-ending exuberant music making.

Running the gamut from Latin, Urban Soul, African Rhythms and Contemporary Jazz, The Hang will not disappoint.

by Dan Kind

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