The Jim Cutler Quartet

For Real

Pony Boy Records PB50139 2

Jim Cutler, saxophones; Brian Olendorf, piano; Philip Demaree, bass; Chris Monroe, drums

A strong, competent group this; all but one of the twelve tracks is written by a member of the quartet. The first three tracks were all written by Jim Cutler. Opening with "Second and Blanchard", it features the entire group, with an excellent piano solo from Brian Olendorf. "For Real" opens with the clear and tasteful saxophone of Jim Cutler, enhanced by the piano of Olendorf in this fast moving piece. "Another New Beginning" has a more thoughtful opening. "Last Boat to Freedom" has the sound of a different pen, this one from pianist Olendorf is atmospheric, and is a fine track. "You Go to My Head" is the only standard used, a strange plant in the midst of homegrown material. Olendorf's second piece, "Mookies Secret Revenge", is an entertaining piece with a lot of work put in by the alto saxophone of Cutler. "Twilight Dawned" has some sensitive tenor playing, and Olendorf and Cutler swing nicely on "Thumper", both Philip Demaree on bass and Chris Monroe on drums get a go at this one. Nearly all the tracks are good, though there is nothing that is particularly outstanding. A good, solid Jazz CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

Jazz Now Interactive November 2004 Vol 14 No. 7 - Table of Contents

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