Miriam Makeba


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Featured Tracks: Pata Pata; The Click Song; African Convention; Love Is Like Strawberries; Quit It; Where Are You Going?

Known as "Africa's Most Important Female Vocalist," Miriam Makeba's Reflections is a career spanning greatest hits collection. Like the recently released Ouro Negro by Moacir Santos, Reflections features new arrangements of Makeba's best songs while featuring her vocal power and artistry.

Featured are Makeba's hits that put her on the musical map: "Pata Pata" and "The Click Song." Also featured are two songs written by her former husband, Hugh Masekela: "African Convention" and "Where Are You Going?" "African Convention" has a brilliant pop/reggae beat that should get airplay on world music stations. "Where Are You Going" is Makeba replication of Billie Holiday, and it's stunning.

"Love Is Like Strawberries" is a meditative song first released in the 1960's. Makeba's vocals on "Strawberries" is both seductive and experimental.

The anti drug song "Quit It" was written by Makeba's late daughter Bongi Makeba and Calphus Semenya and features 1970's style wah-wah guitar by Louis Mhlanga. "Quit It" sounds like it could have been on Curtis Mayfield's "Superfly" soundtrack. Brilliantly written, sang and performed, "Quit It" is a retro treat for the ears.

Mariam Makeba first started performing in 1953. Makeba's vocals are still strong and beautiful. Reflections is a reminder of Makeba's astonishing talent and versatility.

by Dan Kind

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