Benny Green, piano; Russell Malone, guitar.


Telarc CD 83604

Benny Green and Russell Malone have been collaborators for several years, and they come together again for another skilful and excellent mix of tunes; weaving breathtaking patterns and showing tight, intimate control. Their first track, "Reunion Blues", is hard driving and full of energy and excitement, "It's Alright With Me", a Cole Porter number that continues the momentum, hardly gives you chance to draw breath; Green blisters over the keyboard, matched every inch of the way by Malone; their tight-knit formation is an absolute delight. A more relaxed attitude is taken for Stevie Wonder's "You Are The Sunshine Of My Life", they make the slower notes count with warm expressiveness. "Who Can I Turn To?" is played by Green in a questioning mood, then moving into a gentle swing for a fine piano solo. Cole Porter again with "Love For Sale", this is played with a perky cheerfulness, "Flowers For Emmett Till", is a delicately played guitar solo. Green continues to show what a well rounded pianist he is, and with Malone they are a formidable and exciting duo, full of energy when needed, but always showing they are capable of all moods and styles; a quality CD.

by Ferdinand Maylin

Jazz Now Interactive November 2004 Vol 14 No. 7 - Table of Contents

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