Bryan Olsheski

Sound Impression

CO Jazz CJ-1033

Bryan Olsheski, tenor saxophone; Bobby Floyd, Hammond Digital B-3 organ; Derek DiCenzo, guitar; and Reggie Jackson, drums

Columbus, Ohio-based Bryan Olsheski, after graduating from the University College Conservatory of Music, plied his trade on cruise ships and in England where he worked at the Jazz clubs.

Most of the tunes on this CD were composed by Olsheski, and the liner notes give a short description of his inspiration for each. He covers "The Good Life" which he states was suggested by his mother, who showed good taste in this selection. It is lovingly delivered in a strong collaborative exercise.

The tune "102 Degrees" is a bebop original with expressive guitar interpretation by DiCenzo which is insightfully explored for over ten minutes. "Slippin' 'n' Slidin' " is a catchy tune that lightly swings with Olsheski's saxophone anchoring it. The funky tune "Uncle Ignatz" was written by Olsheski's father and features long streams of phrasing on the saxophone. The band breaks out on this one. The last cut is "Tomorrow's Gospel," which was inspired by a similar tune by Seamus Blake.

Olsheski is a technically adept improviser, and guitarist DiCenzo shines throughout. If you like a good solid effort with no surprises or excitement, this might be the ticket. Otherwise, there is not much to recommend on this one.

By Dorothy L. Hill