Chuck Owen and the Jazz Surge

Here We Are

Sea Breeze SB 2128

"E Ticket," "Glib," "My Foolish Heart," "Duets," "Off Flow," "Red Beans and Ricely Yours," "Struttin'," "A Gate's Gate" (67.43)

Valerie Gillespie, Tami Danielsson, Jack Wilkins, Rex Wertz, Matt Vance (woodwinds); Brian Scanlon, Jay Coble, Mike Iapichino, Tom Parmerter (t); Keith Osihro, Tom Brantley, Jerald Shynett, Jim Hall (tb); Per Danielsson (p); LaRue Nickelson (g); Mark Neuenschwander (b); Danny Gottlieb (d); plus guest musicians Ingrid Jensen(t), Rob Thomas (vln), Gary Versace (org), Barry Greene (g), Lowell Adams (clo), Lex Macar (g), Dave Coash (pc)

This is a more adventurous big band than is normally encountered on the Sea Breeze label insofar that the arrangements are lengthy and very involved.

The band has been together for ten years, and this is their third album, but this latest disc is a departure from their previous work. They have delved long and hard into the modern Jazz arrangers' concepts which includes the use of classical, traditional, and modern Jazz. This has provided a canvas for soloists Ingrid Jensen, Rob Thomas, Gary Versace, and Barry Greene to show their capabilities alongside the regular members of the orchestra, which include Jack Wilkins and Valerie Gillespie, but more significantly the super power on drums Danny Gottlieb.

If you want something that digs a little deeper than the usual large combination, then this recording may well please you.

By Al Merritt